His Mansion Ministries, Inc.

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For nearly fifty years, His Mansion has been investing in the lives of people looking to break free from their harmful behaviors. We know that the only way for someone to truly overcome their addiction or struggle is through a real relationship with Jesus Christ. We foster genuine relationships with people to minister the Gospel and see their lives transformed.

Here, people can learn about the Gospel as well as experience it daily. Through counseling, classes, work, and Christian fellowship, people seeking recovery experience a healthy life apart from addiction. Through the love and care of others in our community, those seeking recovery can have a new hope for a healthy future.

Contact information

Mailing address:
His Mansion Ministries, Inc.
395 Wolf Hill Rd
Deering, NH 03244

Website: www.hismansion.com

Phone: (603) 464-5555

Email: [email protected]

Organization details

EIN: 020350805

CEO/President: Frank Vitale

Chairman: Ray Uritescu

Board size: 5

Founder: Stanley Farmer & Harold Moore

Ruling year: 1998

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 09/30

Member of ECFA: Yes

Member of ECFA since: 1986


Our five core values help us achieve that mission.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ says, "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest" (Matt. 11:28). At His Mansion, we believe that true healing and change come from an intimate committed relationship with Jesus, grounded in His Word. Our approach to every aspect of the program-counseling, classes, work, and daily fellowship and worship-is grounded in the belief that a healthy life can be found in knowing Jesus Christ.

Authentic Relationships

His Mansion is a place where you will be known and loved. In John 15:12-13 Jesus said, "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." Here, men and women apply this scripture to daily life. Residents, Servant Leaders, and Staff build meaningful relationships to bring lasting change in life.

Formational Learning

Learning happens everywhere at His Mansion. Whether you're in classes, counseling, work, or free time you will put into practice your newly-learned skills. In classes, you cover a range of topics from in-depth study of Scripture to healing personal struggles. You will also have one-on-one counseling sessions and process groups. Process groups are an opportunity for you to grow trust and relationships with those around you.

Christ-centered Counseling

At His Mansion, we combine biblical truth with basic psychology principles to help people in their recovery process. In Christ-centered counseling, men and women process and grieve past wrongs through the lens of scripture. They learn to first receive God's forgiveness and then extend it to those around them. As instructors and counselors encourage Christlike character, men and women will become grounded in their relationship with Jesus Christ and move toward a healthy future.

Meaningful Work

We believe that growing in your walk with Christ requires developing a healthy work ethic. While at His Mansion, you will be encouraged to be diligent in your responsibilities, responding to the Gospel in an expression of love toward God and neighbor. As people, we are made in God's image, the Creator of the Universe. When God was finished with His work, He created man to be a good steward of His creation (Genesis 1:28). Developing a healthy, Christ-centered work ethic equips you to grow in Christlikeness, while cultivating a healthy life and future.

Mission statement

Restoring broken lives through the hope of Jesus Christ.

Statement of faith

His Mansion Ministries uses the following to express its Statement of Faith:

We believe that the Bible is God's Holy Word, verbally and fully inspired in the original text and that it is the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

We believe that there is one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe in God the Father, perfect in holiness, infinite in wisdom, measureless in power. We believe that He concerns Himself mercifully in the affairs of humanity, that He hears and answers prayer, and that He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Christ.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the divine, eternal, and only begotten Son of God. We believe that in His earthly life He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, and lived a sinless life. We believe in His vicarious and atoning death for the sins of the world. We believe in His bodily resurrection from the dead, His ascension to the right hand of the Father to make intercession for the saints, and in His personal, visible return to the world in power and glory.

We believe in the Holy Spirit and in His personality and deity. We believe that He was sent forth from the Father to convince the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. We believe that He is come to regenerate, indwell, sanctify, instruct and comfort and the saints.

We believe that Adam was created in the image of God; that he sinned and there by incurred physical and spiritual death; and subsequently all individuals are by nature and by choice sinners and destitute of all power to save themselves. We believe, therefore that the only means of salvation of sinful human beings is the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit on the basis of the atoning work of Christ, through personal faith in Christ. We believe that everyone will be resurrected. Those who are saved will be resurrected to eternal life and those who are lost will be resurrected to eternal damnation.

We believe in the church, the living spiritual body of which Jesus Christ is the Head and of which all regenerated people are members. We believe that the Lord commissioned the church to proclaim to a lost a sinful world that He, Jesus Christ, is the Son of God who suffered and rose again from the dead on the third day, and that forgiveness of sins is available to all who put their faith in Him. We believe that a visible church is a company of believers in Jesus Christ, associated for worship, work and fellowship.

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Financial efficiency ratings

Sector: Christian Growth

CategoryRatingOverall rankSector rank
Overall efficiency rating513 of 102437 of 74
Fund acquisition rating570 of 102740 of 74
Resource allocation rating74 of 10279 of 74
Asset utilization rating906 of 102464 of 74

Financial ratios

Funding ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Return on fundraising efforts Return on fundraising efforts =
Fundraising expense /
Total contributions
Fundraising cost ratio Fundraising cost ratio =
Fundraising expense /
Total revenue
Contributions reliance Contributions reliance =
Total contributions /
Total revenue
Fundraising expense ratio Fundraising expense ratio =
Fundraising expense /
Total expenses
Other revenue reliance Other revenue reliance =
Total other revenue /
Total revenue
Operating ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Program expense ratio Program expense ratio =
Program services /
Total expenses
Spending ratio Spending ratio =
Total expenses /
Total revenue
Program output ratio Program output ratio =
Program services /
Total revenue
Savings ratio Savings ratio =
Surplus (deficit) /
Total revenue
Reserve accumulation rate Reserve accumulation rate =
Surplus (deficit) /
Net assets
General and admin ratio General and admin ratio =
Management and general expense /
Total expenses
Investing ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Total asset turnover Total asset turnover =
Total expenses /
Total assets
Degree of long-term investment Degree of long-term investment =
Total assets /
Total current assets
Current asset turnover Current asset turnover =
Total expenses /
Total current assets
Liquidity ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Current ratio Current ratio =
Total current assets /
Total current liabilities
Current liabilities ratio Current liabilities ratio =
Total current liabilities /
Total current assets
Liquid reserve level Liquid reserve level =
(Total current assets -
Total current liabilities) /
(Total expenses / 12)
Solvency ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Liabilities ratio Liabilities ratio =
Total liabilities /
Total assets
Debt ratio Debt ratio =
Debt /
Total assets
Reserve coverage ratio Reserve coverage ratio =
Net assets /
Total expenses


Balance sheet
Receivables, inventories, prepaids$13,348$16,863$19,496$14,039$21,409
Short-term investments$581,480$580,452$518,303$581,098$0
Other current assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total current assets$1,036,983$1,121,136$1,329,261$1,288,721$1,057,168
Long-term investments$25,007$24,966$0$0$0
Fixed assets$1,509,519$1,518,268$1,538,761$1,504,108$1,465,681
Other long-term assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total long-term assets$1,534,526$1,543,234$1,538,761$1,504,108$1,465,681
Total assets$2,571,509$2,664,370$2,868,022$2,792,829$2,522,849
Payables and accrued expenses$19,470$20,230$24,576$19,514$22,409
Other current liabilities$0$0$0$0$0
Total current liabilities$19,470$20,230$24,576$19,514$22,409
Due to (from) affiliates$0$0$0$0$0
Other long-term liabilities$0$0$0$0$0
Total long-term liabilities$0$0$0$0$0
Total liabilities$19,470$20,230$24,576$19,514$22,409
Net assets20202019201820172016
Without donor restrictions$2,514,082$2,586,554$2,801,440$2,661,503$2,431,730
With donor restrictions$37,687$57,586$42,006$111,812$68,710
Net assets$2,552,039$2,644,140$2,843,446$2,773,315$2,500,440
Revenues and expenses
Total contributions$1,042,921$609,325$1,259,030$1,249,757$1,221,335
Program service revenue$0$0$0$0$0
Membership dues$0$0$0$0$0
Investment income$39,239$89,878($28,684)$50,685$4,758
Other revenue$64,260$57,420$77,165$85,689$80,466
Total other revenue$103,499$147,298$48,481$136,374$85,224
Total revenue$1,146,420$756,623$1,307,511$1,386,131$1,306,559
Program services$1,089,364$845,098$1,029,537$912,966$920,974
Management and general$85,274$81,505$105,867$101,440$116,517
Total expenses$1,238,791$955,929$1,237,380$1,113,256$1,106,557
Change in net assets20202019201820172016
Surplus (deficit)($92,371)($199,306)$70,131$272,875$200,002
Other changes in net assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total change in net assets($92,371)($199,306)$70,131$272,875$200,002


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Did you know that His Mansion is primarily donor funded? Because of generous volunteers and donors, we are able to do the work that God has called us. Many of our staff come with the full intention of ministering the Gospel, with no financial gain for themselves. Instead, they rely on God to supply the needs of themselves and their families so that we can continue providing care for people that is both practical and affordable.

If you're a first time donor, or a returning donor, we thank you for your support. We would not be able to help so many people, without your generous donations.