New Horizons of Southwest Florida

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New Horizons of SWFL successfully changes the lives of under-resourced students by providing tutoring, mentoring and character-building programs at its trusted neighborhood clubs. New Horizons of SWFL currently serves hundreds of K-12 students alongside dedicated volunteers at 10 locations across Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers.

Contact information

Mailing address:
New Horizons of Southwest Florida
PO Box 111833
Naples, FL 34108


Phone: 239-948-4146

Email: [email protected]

Organization details

EIN: 113678086

CEO/President: Linda Cunning

Chairman: Edith A. Hunt

Board size: 22

Founder: Bob and Ellen Nichols

Ruling year: 2003

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 08/31

Member of ECFA: Yes

Member of ECFA since: 2022


Vision: All at-risk youth complete high school with a plan for the future to become contributing members of society

We are passionate about equipping Southwest Florida's most vulnerable children and teens with the tools they need to succeed in school and life. We want to see all students grow into successful members of our community and graduate from high school with a plan for the future.

Mission statement

Empower at-risk youth to reach their full potential through tutoring, mentoring and faith-building

Statement of faith

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Financial efficiency ratings

Sector: Community Development

CategoryRatingOverall rankSector rank
Overall efficiency rating85 of 107619 of 142
Fund acquisition rating97 of 107712 of 142
Resource allocation rating303 of 107753 of 142
Asset utilization rating233 of 107624 of 142

Financial ratios

Funding ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Return on fundraising efforts Return on fundraising efforts =
Fundraising expense /
Total contributions
Fundraising cost ratio Fundraising cost ratio =
Fundraising expense /
Total revenue
Contributions reliance Contributions reliance =
Total contributions /
Total revenue
Fundraising expense ratio Fundraising expense ratio =
Fundraising expense /
Total expenses
Other revenue reliance Other revenue reliance =
Total other revenue /
Total revenue
Operating ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Program expense ratio Program expense ratio =
Program services /
Total expenses
Spending ratio Spending ratio =
Total expenses /
Total revenue
Program output ratio Program output ratio =
Program services /
Total revenue
Savings ratio Savings ratio =
Surplus (deficit) /
Total revenue
Reserve accumulation rate Reserve accumulation rate =
Surplus (deficit) /
Net assets
General and admin ratio General and admin ratio =
Management and general expense /
Total expenses
Investing ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Total asset turnover Total asset turnover =
Total expenses /
Total assets
Degree of long-term investment Degree of long-term investment =
Total assets /
Total current assets
Current asset turnover Current asset turnover =
Total expenses /
Total current assets
Liquidity ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Current ratio Current ratio =
Total current assets /
Total current liabilities
Current liabilities ratio Current liabilities ratio =
Total current liabilities /
Total current assets
Liquid reserve level Liquid reserve level =
(Total current assets -
Total current liabilities) /
(Total expenses / 12)
Solvency ratiosSector median20202019201820172016
Liabilities ratio Liabilities ratio =
Total liabilities /
Total assets
Debt ratio Debt ratio =
Debt /
Total assets
Reserve coverage ratio Reserve coverage ratio =
Net assets /
Total expenses


Balance sheet
Receivables, inventories, prepaids$95,528$60,133$54,591$36,447$30,670
Short-term investments$0$0$0$0$0
Other current assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total current assets$880,038$654,510$748,966$673,741$438,283
Long-term investments$0$0$0$0$0
Fixed assets$177,899$220,406$159,779$99,050$100,559
Other long-term assets$860,167$406,208$53,262$30,743$23,221
Total long-term assets$1,038,066$626,614$213,041$129,793$123,780
Total assets$1,918,104$1,281,124$962,007$803,534$562,063
Payables and accrued expenses$22,693$65,670$61,150$46,791$39,631
Other current liabilities$0$0$0$0$0
Total current liabilities$22,693$65,670$61,150$46,791$39,631
Due to (from) affiliates$0$0$0$0$0
Other long-term liabilities$358,913$18,470$0$0$0
Total long-term liabilities$508,813$18,470$0$0$0
Total liabilities$531,506$84,140$61,150$46,791$39,631
Net assets20202019201820172016
Without donor restrictions$1,247,314$1,042,584$729,834$691,778$471,240
With donor restrictions$139,284$154,400$171,023$64,965$51,192
Net assets$1,386,598$1,196,984$900,857$756,743$522,432
Revenues and expenses
Total contributions$2,807,384$2,627,805$1,828,518$1,432,228$1,241,327
Program service revenue$0$0$0$0$0
Membership dues$0$0$0$0$0
Investment income$18,185$21,105$5,445$852$718
Other revenue($38,757)($18,913)($56,527)$183,376$44,361
Total other revenue($20,572)$2,192($51,082)$184,228$45,079
Total revenue$2,786,812$2,629,997$1,777,436$1,616,456$1,286,406
Program services$2,220,038$1,986,564$1,459,151$1,219,545$1,114,834
Management and general$391,776$239,515$154,944$184,311$166,291
Total expenses$2,636,998$2,254,298$1,633,831$1,418,167$1,281,125
Change in net assets20202019201820172016
Surplus (deficit)$149,814$375,699$143,605$198,289$5,281
Other changes in net assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total change in net assets$149,814$375,699$143,605$198,289$5,281


Linda CunningExec Directo$12,115

Compensation data as of: 8/31/2020

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In 2002, Bob and Ellen Nichols saw a need to reach children with the message of Jesus Christ in a small Hispanic neighborhood in Bonita Springs. Ellen had been teaching in a local public school and Bob was a professional boat captain. They began their ministry by going door to door and inviting kids to come to the "Super Kids Church," which would meet every Sunday morning at Manna Christian RV Park. This kids-only church became a huge success!

The Nichols family began praying together for God's direction on how to reach more children. Seeing the problems in the neighborhoods, and recognizing the tremendous need to help the children from non-English speaking homes with their schoolwork, Bob and Ellen were led to find a place to provide free after school tutoring.

In January 2003, they opened the first Super Kids Club in Rosemary Park and also founded New Horizons of Southwest Florida. From its first day with 20 children meeting on Wednesday afternoons, New Horizons' Super Kids Club has expanded to multiple locations with a range of programs offered throughout the school year and summer. The Super Teens Club was opened in 2006 in order to continue meeting the needs of students through high school graduation.

By God's amazing grace, New Horizons now includes seven programs that operate throughout the year, providing tutoring, mentoring and faith-building experiences to hundreds of our Southwest Florida's most vulnerable youth.

Program accomplishments

100% of Super Teens graduated from high school over the past three years.

79% of regular education Super Kids earned a "C" or higher in Language Arts.

87% of public school teachers surveyed report that New Horizons has had a positive impact on their K-5 students' academic performance.