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Over 30 years ago, a young Nigerian boy, Manny Ohonme, received his first pair of shoes at the age of nine. It changed his life and now he wants give others that same opportunity for change and impact. Samaritan's Feet wants to inspire hope through the gift of shoes, the act of washing feet, and encouragement to those who need it most.
Samaritan's Feet is a humanitarian aid organization that serves and inspires hope by providing shoes to those around the world.

Contact information

Mailing address:
Samaritan's Feet International
4808 Chesapeake Dr
Charlotte, NC 28216


Phone: 980-939-8150

Email: [email protected]

Organization details

EIN: 141880905

CEO/President: Manny Ohonme

Chairman: Manny and Tracie Ohonme

Board size: 14

Founder: Manny and Tracie Ohonme

Ruling year: 2004

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 12/31

Member of ECFA: No

Member of ECFA since:


There are 734 million people living in poverty who can't afford education and basic articles of clothing like shoes (World Bank, 2015). Over 1.5 billion people are infected with diseases that are transmitted through contaminated soil (World Health Organization, 2020). Shoes and socks are reported to be in the "Top 5 Items Needed" by students in school (Champions for Kids, 2015).

Samaritan's Feet believes that a new a pair of shoes and the act of foot-washing can:

Provide a tangible foundation of hope and the opportunity for a better life.

Prompt children to focus in school and families not to worry.

Protect feet and decrease the possibility of getting a foot-borne disease.

Mission statement

Samaritan's Feet serves and inspires hope in children by providing shoes as the foundation to a spiritual and healthy life resulting in the advancement of education and economic opportunities.

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Emmanuel T OhonmePresident$188,288
Tracie OhonmeDirector$104,829

Compensation data as of: 12/31/2021

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Welcome to Rower Park in Lagos, Nigeria- the beginning of our story.
A missionary from Wisconsin, Dave, was hosting games in the park that day.
Nine-year-old Manny Ohonme was selling bottled water there and noticed the basketball contest and decided to join in, despite never playing basketball.
He won the contest and the prize was a pair of canvas tennis shoes. This was his very first pair of shoes.
Manny received so much more than a pair of shoes that day.
Dave also gave Manny the encouragement to believe in his dreams, reach for the sky, and never give up.
This gift of hope propelled Manny to work hard at developing his talents and skills, including basketball.
This hard work and confidence earned Manny a basketball scholarship to a college in the United States, where he met his wife, Tracie.
Tracie grew up in North Dakota and also knew the impact of encouragement.
She understood the stigma of sometimes being treated less than, as she and her family were often on welfare.
Tracie participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America which was life-changing for her in more ways than one.
From these experiences, Tracie began to see the impact that encouragement and hope can have on someone's life.
Manny and Tracie went to visit family in Nigeria. That trip changed everything.
They noticed things were still the same- children were still walking around barefoot and families were still struggling to provide.
And in that moment, their passions and life-experiences collided and became a vision for Samaritan's Feet.
Determined to make a difference in both of their homes, Manny and Tracie began Samaritan's Feet in 2003.
It began in their garage in Charlotte, NC and grew into a global movement.
With help from friends and family, they began organizing shoe donations and readying them for distribution in the local community.
They hosted shoe distributions were volunteers would wash the feet of recipients, taking that time to serve and encourage them, just as Dave had done to Manny and volunteers had done with Tracie in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. The distributions began to grow and spread.
Today, through the efforts of Samaritan's Feet and its partners, millions of people have been served around the world with a pair of shoes and a message of hope.
And it all started with one person giving one child a new pair of shoes.

Program accomplishments

Celebrating 20 years of giving shoes, giving hope

2023 Marks the 20th year Samaritan's feet has been providing shoes to those in need around the world.

108 countries served
8,772,236 people served worldwide
530+ U.S. cities served