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White's Residential & Family Services is a Christ-centered organization committed to enriching the lives of children and families through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth.

For more than 170 years, Josiah White's has helped families in crisis, in transition and in need of support through its accredited and comprehensive continuum of community-based services, foster care, adoption support and residential treatment programs. Our statewide network of facilities and seasoned providers allows us to support children, teens and families with a variety of services when they need it, wherever they may need it.

Contact information

Mailing address:
White's Residential and Family Services
5233 S 50 E
Wabash, IN 46992

Website: josiahwhites.org

Phone: 260-563-1158

Email: [email protected]

Organization details

EIN: 350883520

CEO/President: Matthew Purkey

Chairman: Brandt Downing

Board size: 11

Founder: Josiah White

Ruling year: 1935

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 12/31

Member of ECFA: Yes

Member of ECFA since: 2019


At Josiah White's we realize that no family is exempt from tough times; it's a hard time to be a parent and a hard time to be a teen. At its core, Josiah White's offers hope and transformation through Christ to children, teens and families.

White's is committed to helping redirect, rebuild and restore troubled children, teens and families. Our services are rooted in a faith-based, Christ-centered perspective that emphasizes compassion and caring. This approach is shaped by more than 160 years of experience, and honed through evidence-based practices. We work to enrich the lives of children, teens and families through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth by delivering the right services at the right time.

We are more than a faith-based organization; we are a faith-living organization.

More than anything else, White's is a family. These are our children. And we accept and love them unconditionally just as Christ loves us.

Our children experience a change for good. Their perception of themselves and others has changed. Their understanding of life has changed. They become caring people and move into life with confidence. Their experience at White's can never be taken from them. Our continuum of care offers the chance for hurting children - no matter their age, background or situation - to receive the care, treatment, structure and counseling they need to experience healing.

Mission statement

Josiah White's is a Christ centered organization committed to enriching the lives of children and families through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth.

Statement of faith

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Transparency grade


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Financial efficiency ratings

Sector: Adoption/Foster Care

CategoryRatingOverall rankSector rank
Overall efficiency rating990 of 110423 of 32
Fund acquisition rating924 of 110525 of 32
Resource allocation rating741 of 110519 of 32
Asset utilization rating901 of 110424 of 32

Financial ratios

Funding ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Return on fundraising efforts Return on fundraising efforts =
Fundraising expense /
Total contributions
Fundraising cost ratio Fundraising cost ratio =
Fundraising expense /
Total revenue
Contributions reliance Contributions reliance =
Total contributions /
Total revenue
Fundraising expense ratio Fundraising expense ratio =
Fundraising expense /
Total expenses
Other revenue reliance Other revenue reliance =
Total other revenue /
Total revenue
Operating ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Program expense ratio Program expense ratio =
Program services /
Total expenses
Spending ratio Spending ratio =
Total expenses /
Total revenue
Program output ratio Program output ratio =
Program services /
Total revenue
Savings ratio Savings ratio =
Surplus (deficit) /
Total revenue
Reserve accumulation rate Reserve accumulation rate =
Surplus (deficit) /
Net assets
General and admin ratio General and admin ratio =
Management and general expense /
Total expenses
Investing ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Total asset turnover Total asset turnover =
Total expenses /
Total assets
Degree of long-term investment Degree of long-term investment =
Total assets /
Total current assets
Current asset turnover Current asset turnover =
Total expenses /
Total current assets
Liquidity ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Current ratio Current ratio =
Total current assets /
Total current liabilities
Current liabilities ratio Current liabilities ratio =
Total current liabilities /
Total current assets
Liquid reserve level Liquid reserve level =
(Total current assets -
Total current liabilities) /
(Total expenses / 12)
Solvency ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Liabilities ratio Liabilities ratio =
Total liabilities /
Total assets
Debt ratio Debt ratio =
Debt /
Total assets
Reserve coverage ratio Reserve coverage ratio =
Net assets /
Total expenses


Balance sheet
Receivables, inventories, prepaids$2,969,304$2,725,709$3,774,732$1,809,768$3,038,088
Short-term investments$17,617,789$23,335,075$24,393,636$24,129,994$21,812,916
Other current assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total current assets$20,851,513$27,212,112$29,882,555$27,127,799$25,123,773
Long-term investments$0$0$0$0$0
Fixed assets$12,195,565$12,593,861$11,539,071$11,536,660$12,562,251
Other long-term assets$508,344$150,859$140,775$1,695,668$1,921,466
Total long-term assets$12,703,909$12,744,720$11,679,846$13,232,328$14,483,717
Total assets$33,555,422$39,956,832$41,562,401$40,360,127$39,607,490
Payables and accrued expenses$715,641$1,288,916$1,282,583$1,532,756$2,013,679
Other current liabilities$0$0$0$0$0
Total current liabilities$715,641$1,288,916$1,282,583$1,532,756$2,013,679
Due to (from) affiliates$0$0$0$0$0
Other long-term liabilities$3,474,551$608,072$513,515$704,079$643,270
Total long-term liabilities$3,474,551$608,072$513,515$704,079$643,270
Total liabilities$4,190,192$1,896,988$1,796,098$2,236,835$2,656,949
Net assets20222021202020192018
Without donor restrictions$21,032,919$27,638,515$28,678,897$30,481,779$30,264,635
With donor restrictions$8,332,311$10,421,329$11,087,406$7,641,513$6,685,906
Net assets$29,365,230$38,059,844$39,766,303$38,123,292$36,950,541
Revenues and expenses
Total contributions$1,742,849$1,245,608$7,345,515$723,449$427,563
Program service revenue$13,788,984$15,613,700$16,520,830$17,680,578$15,647,320
Membership dues$0$0$0$0$0
Investment income$821,618$2,129,570$2,024,103$2,014,470$1,007,392
Other revenue$768,058$819,965$507,064($228,145)$114,944
Total other revenue$15,378,660$18,563,235$19,051,997$19,466,903$16,769,656
Total revenue$17,121,509$19,808,843$26,397,512$20,190,352$17,197,219
Program services$16,739,494$15,963,440$16,078,277$17,518,634$16,198,691
Management and general$2,589,358$2,474,290$2,255,939$3,146,129$2,534,805
Total expenses$20,125,493$19,183,953$19,112,208$21,233,677$19,224,716
Change in net assets20222021202020192018
Surplus (deficit)($3,003,984)$624,890$7,285,304($1,043,325)($2,027,497)
Other changes in net assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total change in net assets($3,003,984)$624,890$7,285,304($1,043,325)($2,027,497)


Ronald EvansChief Executive Officer$229,663
Michael HornChief Operation Officer$177,160
Amy TrowbridgeChief Human Resources Officer$150,254

Compensation data as of: 12/31/2022

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Josiah White drafted and funded a plan to help "the most deserted of children." His goal was to help children in need obtain a quality education, grow in their spiritual development, and gain valuable work experience.

More than 170 years later, Josiah White's is living out the mission and vision of Josiah White, serving children, teens and families who are experiencing challenging times.

Josiah White's has grown from its founding in 1850 to become one of Indiana's oldest and largest nonprofit social services agencies serving children, teens and families, with offices around the state, including a residential campus in Wabash, Indiana.

Program accomplishments