Bethel Bible Village

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Bethel Christian Academy is our campus school, which serves middle and high school students. BCA offers trauma-informed care and small, personalized classes designed to help kids overcome their past and thrive.

Contact information

Mailing address:
Bethel Bible Village
3001 Hamill Rd
Hixon, TN 37343


Phone: (423) 842-5757

Email: [email protected]

Organization details

EIN: 626019872

CEO/President: Rosalind Connor

Chairman: Ron Bailey

Board size: 21

Founder: Floyd Hipp

Ruling year: 1956

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 03/31

Member of ECFA: Yes

Member of ECFA since: 1984


Bethel Bible Village provides children's residential care and a private school education for children facing adversity. We believe in fostering to the spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional needs of a child to set them up for a successful future.

Mission statement

We envision children of families in crisis transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and empowered to fulfill all their God-given potential.

Statement of faith

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Transparency grade


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Financial efficiency ratings

Sector: Community Development

CategoryRatingOverall rankSector rank
Overall efficiency rating650 of 110267 of 122
Fund acquisition rating577 of 110355 of 122
Resource allocation rating408 of 110363 of 122
Asset utilization rating832 of 110287 of 122

Financial ratios

Funding ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Return on fundraising efforts Return on fundraising efforts =
Fundraising expense /
Total contributions
Fundraising cost ratio Fundraising cost ratio =
Fundraising expense /
Total revenue
Contributions reliance Contributions reliance =
Total contributions /
Total revenue
Fundraising expense ratio Fundraising expense ratio =
Fundraising expense /
Total expenses
Other revenue reliance Other revenue reliance =
Total other revenue /
Total revenue
Operating ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Program expense ratio Program expense ratio =
Program services /
Total expenses
Spending ratio Spending ratio =
Total expenses /
Total revenue
Program output ratio Program output ratio =
Program services /
Total revenue
Savings ratio Savings ratio =
Surplus (deficit) /
Total revenue
Reserve accumulation rate Reserve accumulation rate =
Surplus (deficit) /
Net assets
General and admin ratio General and admin ratio =
Management and general expense /
Total expenses
Investing ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Total asset turnover Total asset turnover =
Total expenses /
Total assets
Degree of long-term investment Degree of long-term investment =
Total assets /
Total current assets
Current asset turnover Current asset turnover =
Total expenses /
Total current assets
Liquidity ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Current ratio Current ratio =
Total current assets /
Total current liabilities
Current liabilities ratio Current liabilities ratio =
Total current liabilities /
Total current assets
Liquid reserve level Liquid reserve level =
(Total current assets -
Total current liabilities) /
(Total expenses / 12)
Solvency ratiosSector median20222021202020192018
Liabilities ratio Liabilities ratio =
Total liabilities /
Total assets
Debt ratio Debt ratio =
Debt /
Total assets
Reserve coverage ratio Reserve coverage ratio =
Net assets /
Total expenses


Balance sheet
Receivables, inventories, prepaids$67,590$52,077$48,746$300,161$301,753
Short-term investments$4,529,061$4,704,036$2,849,750$2,370,013$2,687,377
Other current assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total current assets$6,793,828$5,132,552$3,391,108$2,977,691$3,548,671
Long-term investments$6,597$0$0$0$0
Fixed assets$1,310,341$1,004,321$1,033,290$1,186,033$1,300,489
Other long-term assets$336$340$40,000$308,564$236,447
Total long-term assets$1,317,274$1,004,661$1,073,290$1,494,597$1,536,936
Total assets$8,111,102$6,137,213$4,464,398$4,472,288$5,085,607
Payables and accrued expenses$321,234$177,517$177,435$198,327$290,637
Other current liabilities$0$0$0$0$0
Total current liabilities$321,234$177,517$177,435$198,327$290,637
Due to (from) affiliates$0$0$0$0$0
Other long-term liabilities$188,504$197,853$197,577$202,273$207,069
Total long-term liabilities$188,504$197,853$197,577$202,273$207,069
Total liabilities$509,738$375,370$375,012$400,600$497,706
Net assets20222021202020192018
Without donor restrictions$6,474,394$4,831,565$3,114,579$2,394,080$2,910,247
With donor restrictions$1,126,970$930,278$974,807$1,677,608$1,677,654
Net assets$7,601,364$5,761,843$4,089,386$4,071,688$4,587,901
Revenues and expenses
Total contributions$2,007,498$2,477,730$2,530,144$1,165,536$1,262,426
Program service revenue$76,993$52,254$75,043$12,900$12,866
Membership dues$0$0$0$0$0
Investment income$1,855,213$761,050$40,024$306,941$425,769
Other revenue$313,577($75,489)$222,218$358,985$387,485
Total other revenue$2,245,783$737,815$337,285$678,826$826,120
Total revenue$4,253,281$3,215,545$2,867,429$1,844,362$2,088,546
Program services$1,776,685$2,070,300$2,262,500$1,840,019$1,833,668
Management and general$171,910$177,653$165,327$165,046$171,935
Total expenses$2,086,482$2,397,557$2,577,099$2,154,585$2,186,364
Change in net assets20222021202020192018
Surplus (deficit)$2,166,799$817,988$290,330($310,223)($97,818)
Other changes in net assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total change in net assets$2,166,799$817,988$290,330($310,223)($97,818)


Rosalind ConnorPresident & CEO$121,744
Harriet BrunkerCFO$75,383

Compensation data as of: 3/31/2022

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Our story began in 1954, with six boys living in cardboard boxes. With their parents no longer able to take care of them, Floyd Hipp, a prison evangelist, realized he needed to find a way to help. He opened a home for those six boys on Signal Mountain and our ministry has grown from there. For 60+ years, we have witnessed how Hipp's faith-based approach can help so many young people facing adversity. Bethel is located in beautiful Hixson, TN. We have served over 2000 children through our residential care and fully accredited school, Bethel Christian Academy.

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