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Impact Productions is a home for storytellers committed to reaching a sight and sound generation. Over the last 35 years, Impact has produced stage shows, stadium events, commercial campaigns, and countless hours of film and television. We aim to entertain and inspire audiences around the world with a growing slate of feature films and multimedia content.

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Impact Productions
7814 E. 108th Street
Tulsa, OK 74133


Phone: 918-877-2000

Email: [email protected]

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EIN: 731219766

CEO/President: Thomas Newman

Chairman: Terry Fisher

Board size: 4

Founder: Thomas Newman

Ruling year: 1985

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 12/31

Member of ECFA: No

Member of ECFA since:


For the last three decades, Impact has helped bestselling authors, artists, non-profits organizations, and renowned speakers shape their messages for new platforms. From documentary series and commercials to children's television programs and feature films, we have developed content that regularly broadcasts to a worldwide audience. Impact offers these creative and production services to a select clientele.

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Impact Productions is a not-for-profit motion picture and television production company committed to creating innovative, faith-filled entertainment in order to reach a sight and sound generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Receivables, inventories, prepaids($202,957)$252,395$231,791$268,035$502,807
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Total current assets$1,904,660$3,124,840$3,007,838$2,780,613$2,191,077
Long-term investments$318,357$501,498$273,381$370,094$483,575
Fixed assets$3,080,066$1,720,354$1,809,769$1,912,489$2,057,129
Other long-term assets$761,784$414,116$408,099$550,155$550,155
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Other long-term liabilities$348,375$1,459$905$545$7,545
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Without donor restrictions$2,447,841$2,323,581$2,229,698$2,068,485$1,274,581
With donor restrictions$0$0$0$0$0
Net assets$2,447,841$2,323,581$2,229,698$2,068,485$1,274,581
Revenues and expenses
Total contributions$3,148$23,807$201,256$56,249$159,063
Program service revenue$4,686,325$2,654,538$2,547,761$3,018,744$3,298,690
Membership dues$0$0$0$0$0
Investment income$93,673($165,045)($317,157)$22,994$90,585
Other revenue$140,936$49,432$96,876$10,001($159,033)
Total other revenue$4,920,934$2,538,925$2,327,480$3,051,739$3,230,242
Total revenue$4,924,082$2,562,732$2,528,736$3,107,988$3,389,305
Program services$4,277,322$2,727,486$1,795,949$2,129,244$3,112,209
Management and general$137,682$113,941$110,066$129,378$116,744
Total expenses$4,415,004$2,841,427$1,906,015$2,258,622$3,228,953
Change in net assets20222021202020192018
Surplus (deficit)$509,078($278,695)$622,721$849,366$160,352
Other changes in net assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total change in net assets$509,078($278,695)$622,721$849,366$160,352


Thomas NewmanPresident$235,047
Jared NewmanProducer$117,889
Eric NewmanProducer$105,071

Compensation data as of: 12/31/2022

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The Impact Production creative team first received worldwide recognition with the live stage production, The Masterpiece: A Toymaker's Dream. For 16 years, "Toymaker" traveled to more than 30 nations, performing at the Barcelona Olympics, the World Fair, and off Broadway with a collective audience in the millions. In 1996 Impact produced Dayuma, a live-stage production based on the story of missionary Jim Elliot and the native Waodani people of Ecuador. Its limited release completed a successful 20-city tour throughout the United States.

The documentary-drama, Death and Beyond, was Impact's first venture into television. This award-winning program on death and the afterlife has been translated in nine languages and televised throughout the world. For three years, Impact's made-for-television film, Resurrection aired during the Easter season in 100 markets across the U.S. In 2000, Impact released the highly acclaimed 3D animation entitled, You Are Special, based on best-selling book by Max Lucado. This broadly accepted release was followed by three sequels, You Are Mine, If I Only Had A Green Nose, and Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift. The 2004 Impact Production film Christmas Child features moving performances by Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables), Muse Watson (Prison Break, I Know What You Did Last Summer), and Grammy winner Steven Curtis Chapman. This well-loved holiday film broadcasts annually on the Lifetime Television Network.

In 2005 Impact completed production on the 13th episode of the lively children's television series, Pahappahooey Island. This seven-time award-winning series broadcasts internationally on TBN and the Smile of a Child Network.


NEW YORK, NY (December 07, 2006) - The Weinstein Company (TWC), the multi-media enterprise launched by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, has entered into a multi-year first look deal with Tulsa-based Impact Entertainment, an innovative Christian movie production and grass roots marketing company, to produce and acquire theatrical and direct-to-video titles for the faith-based community. The announcement was made today by Harvey and Bob Weinstein of TWC and Tom Newman and Tom Winters of Impact Entertainment, who will produce the films under the deal. All films under the deal will be distributed theatrically by TWC and on DVD by Genius Products, LLC.

For the past 25 years, Impact Entertainment has been a leading provider of entertainment for people of faith around the world. Impact will continue this mission by seeking out compelling projects that are both entertaining and inspired by Christian values to be financed, produced and distributed by TWC.

As part of the deal with Impact, TWC has acquired the rights to adapt some of the highest selling and most beloved and respected works in the faith based community. These projects include "The Penny," based on the semi-autobiographical book by the New York Times #1 best-selling author Joyce Meyer who was selected as one of the most influential evangelical leaders in America by Time Magazine and "The Christmas Candle," based on the book by award-winning writer Max Lucado who was once named "America's Best Preacher" by Reader's Digest. TWC and Impact will also be working with Meyers on a second unnamed project.

This latest announcement fits into TWC's strategy to acquire and produce films targeting various niche audiences including "Our Stories," the company's new venture with Bob Johnson (founder of BET and owner of NBA Charlotte Bobcats) that will finance projects solely in the African American and urban genre; the Latin American Film Fund formed with Eduardo Costantini to finance the production and acquisition of Latin American films; and Dragon Dynasty, the company's label that will exploit Asian and martial arts titles throughout the world.

"We are proud to partner with the team at Impact Entertainment who are very passionate and dedicated to producing films that moviegoers will love," said Bob and Harvey Weinstein. "Tom Newman and Tom Winters have spent their careers both serving and building strong and meaningful relationships in the religious community and we are committed to working with them to create a slate of quality films that appeals to this growing audience."

Religious leaders have eagerly embraced this partnership. Ron Luce, the Founder and President of Teen Mania, a youth-focused organization that holds over 40 events per year with annual attendance of 250,000 said: "In a day when the habits, lifestyles, and very culture of our youth are determined and influenced by media, it is inspiring to see The Weinstein Company collaborating with Tom Newman and Tom Winters to produce films of moral and spiritual substance. I know that the Weinstein's partnership with Tom Newman and Tom Winters will be a determining voice in the cultural landscape for years to come."

Tom Newman stated, "For twenty-five years, our Impact team has endeavored to communicate truthful, faith-inspiring messages through the mediums of stage, television, and film. I am thrilled with the opportunity to join with the Weinstein brothers and veteran producer Shannon McIntosh to bring such inspirational stories to movie screens around the world. After years of working under the studio's radar, it's an exciting day when a great film company, such as the Weinstein's, sees the untapped potential for this underserved market.

Tom Winters continued, "The Weinstein Company is leading the way by its commitment to make movies of faith. I'm very excited about the prospect of working alongside two giants in the industry, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, and their spectacular team of experts. The Weinstein Company's proven record of success and excellence will provide a tremendous resource to draw from."

Joyce Meyer stated, "I am so happy to have this opportunity to work with The Weinstein Company on a movie to be based on 'The Penny', the novel I am co-authoring with Deborah Bedford. Bob and Harvey Weinstein have proven their finesse in the movie industry with success after success. I believe their venture into movies of faith will be very well received by moviegoers everywhere as they answer the cry for quality family entertainment."

"The marriage of Weinstein's experience and the opportunity for faith based films will result in a new generation of quality productions," said Max Lucado. "Tom Newman, of Impact Entertainment, embodies energy, creativity and devotion. He is the right man to lead this process."

Shannon McIntosh, executive vice president of production and post production who has worked with the Weinsteins for close to 14 years, brought Impact Entertainment into TWC and will oversee the faith-based titles and efforts for the company.

"The Penny" tells the story of Jenny Blake, a remarkable young girl living in an abusive home in 1955 segregated St. Louis. One afternoon, Jenny picks up a penny and unwillingly sets in motion an unusual chain of events that foils a robbery, lands her a job at a jewelry store, and exposes her to the struggling civil rights movement and the power of friendship and spirituality.

"The Christmas Candle" is about a candle maker and his wife living in rural 1860s England who receive a special blessing from an angel every twenty-fifth Christmas to pass onto a community member in need. After discovering that 1864 might be the last year the angel visits, the community comes together hoping for a miracle and ultimately learns about the true nature of love and the power of prayer.

Barry Littman, evp of business and legal affairs, Laine Kline, svp of business and legal affairs, and Michael Cole, co-president of production, negotiated the agreements with Impact and Meyers on behalf of TWC. Andrew Kramer, evp of business and legal affairs, and McIntosh negotiated the deal with Lucado on behalf of TWC. Tom Winters negotiated the deal on behalf of Impact and Meyers. Steve Green negotiated on behalf of Lucado.

About Impact Entertainment

Impact Entertainment is a production and marketing company with a vision "To reach a sight and sound generation." Feature film, television, and live-stage producer Tom Newman is the president and founder of Impact. For 25 years, Newman has established an international reputation for bringing inspirational messages and entertainment to people of faith around the world.

As a film producer, Newman's credits include the feature films End of the Spear and helped complete the just released One Night With the King both of which premiered in the nation's top-ten films.

In 2004, Newman released the televised film Christmas Child, a well-loved holiday film that broadcasts annually on the Lifetime Television Network. His 1997 Easter release Resurrection also airs annually in 100 markets across the U.S. and throughout South America. Currently, Newman's lively, seven-time award-winning children's series, Pahappahooey Island, is broadcast internationally every Saturday. The series is an engaging blend of sing-along songs, imaginative set design and puppetry, spot-on comedy, and value-driven stories for children of every age.

In 2000, Impact released the highly acclaimed 3-D animation entitled, You Are Special, based on best-selling book by Max Lucado. This widely accepted release was followed by three sequels, You Are Mine, If I Only Had A Green Nose, and Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift.

Newman also has extensive experience in both documentary and live stage productions. He produced the award-winning documentaries Hymns: Portrait of the Human Soul, and Death and Beyond, a documentary-drama on death and the afterlife that garnered numerous awards and has been translated into nine languages and televised throughout the world. Tom is currently finishing the 26-episode documentary American Heritage Series with renowned historian and author David Barton.

As a live-stage producer, Newman's credits include the highly acclaimed stage show The Masterpiece: A Toymaker's Dream, which completed 16 years of touring in 30 countries with a collective audience in the millions. In 1996, Dayuma, the live-stage touring production, based on the story of missionary Jim Elliot and the Waodani people of Ecuador, was released and completed a successful 20-city tour in the U.S.

Tom Winters is a founding partner of the law firm Winters, King & Associates, Inc., and a leading literary agent with numerous New York Times Bestsellers among his clientele. Winters King represents more than 4,000 organizations throughout the fifty United States and 40 foreign countries and a clientele comprising many of today's best-known national and international ministries and organizations. Mr. Winters frequently lectures leaders of non-profit organizations and has served as an adjunct professor at Oral Roberts University Seminary, teaching non-profit law. As a literary agent, Mr. Winters works with many of the world's largest and prestigious publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Hachette Books (formerly AOL-Time Warner), Penguin Group, HarperCollins, and Random House. Mr. Winters is one of the few agents to ever have three authors featured simultaneously on the New York Times Best Sellers List twice in the same year. With books such as Joyce Meyer's The Confident Woman and Joel Osteen's Your Best Life Now, Mr. Winters' client's book sales have exceeded $550 million.

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